Wise Up Journal & We Are Change Ireland

While Bill Clinton was in Ireland to Fundraise for Hillary and the continuation of the Bush/Clinton dynasty, We Are Change Ireland tried to confront him. Clinton didn’t get out of his vehicle and walk down the “runway”… but he got the message loud and clear that everybody is waking up to the New World Order jig.

Sudanese officials claimed in 2001 that Bill Clinton turned down their handover of Bin Laden. On a TV interview Bill Clinton put his spin on it giving reasons why he couldn’t hold Bin Laden. Clinton supports are defending him on 9/11 by saying George H. W. Bush was president in 1993 when a car bomb went off in the World Trade Center and his son was president in 2001. Putting the blame on someone else and giving excuses for not accepting Bin Laden doesn’t change the fact that the chance was there.

Unthinkably the FBI’s Most Wanted page for Bin Laden doesn’t even mentioned Sept 11.
The reason they give is that there is not enough evidence. Does this make the FBI conspiracy theorists?

But what about the Bin laden confession tape, didn’t the FBI see that? The famous Bin Laden was not him but a different man (obvious physical differences). You can see it your self now that you are familiar with Bin Laden’s looks. Take another look at it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xp9gZdHGTxA

No difference on major issues between Democrats and Republicans?
Hillary voted for the Iraq war, the Patriot act and when asked about a FIRST nuclear strike against Iran she said she can’t take anything off the table.

Gravel exposing Hillary and other Democrats

Obama said he wants out of Iraq and to invade Pakistan (who has nukes)

Obama’s rhetoric is the same as Bush’s:

Obama is vice-president’s distant cousin, says Cheney’s wife
When leaving comments please remember that Cheney’s wife said this not We Are Change Ireland, and it was published by the main stream media.

McCain is a complete psychopath who sings “bomb bomb Iran” at conferences, says he wants to stay in Iraq for 100 years and there are going to be more wars.

McCain Bomb Bomb Iran Song

If by Republicans and Democrats being different you mean you have the choice of a black man, a white woman, or a white man starting the next middle east war and taking your freedoms then you need to redefine your definition of different and democracy.

Unfortunately the majority of American people have been duped into not supporting Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich and Mike Gravel. The next president (Hillary, Obama or McCain) will make the world a worse place to live.

It is interesting to note that the anti-Bush world has chosen a Republican (Ron Paul) as their choice for the next president. These people can see through the false left right illusion.