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Senior Sinn Fein figure Denis Donaldson confessed on Irish TV in 2005 to being to being a British spy for twenty years. Martin Ingram, a British agent admitted infiltration of the IRA and said that over 70% of their bombings were commanded by British Intelligence. We Are Change Ireland confronted Gerry Adams to get the info from the ‘horse’s mouth’.

There has been vast amounts of evidence uncovered that show U.S and British controlled terrorist groups through out the world that serve a purpose to the controllers, to divide and conquer, to help build a police state at home or to support a war. In Iraq British agents were caught dressed as Iraqis carrying out terrorism, they were broken out of Basra jail by the British tanks smashing trough the wall as reported worldwide, all be it quietly compared to a celebrity outburst or death. In Iraqi they have found sophisticated bombs matching those used by the IRA aka British Intelligence bombs.

To misdirect a group all that is need is to corrupt a few leaders, or for trusted infiltrators to become leaders. Has the second and more destructive IRA (provisional IRA) proven to be infiltrated at the top by British Intelligence? Yes. Here is a handful of known examples:

Denis Donaldson, one of the most senior figures in Sinn Fein entrusted by Gerry Adams. “On 16 December 2005, senior Sinn Féin member Denis Donaldson appeared before TV cameras in Dublin and confessed to being a British spy for twenty years.”

Sean O’Callaghan was a member of Sinn Fein’s ruling council who was debriefed by MI5 and also worked for the Irish police.

A more recent example would be from Feb 2008, Roy McShane, a former IRA man on the payroll of MI5. Announced by an embarrassed Sinn Fein.

Click here to listen to Michael Gallagher who lost a son in the Omagh bombings discussing his independent investigations.

Blind IRA supporters need to ask your selves would Michael Collins support a group that blows up Irish Catholic and Protestant children?

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