Wise Up Journal

Anti-war, Anti-Bush/Cheney democrats choosing Obama should carefully consider the following:

Obama said he wants to get the troops out of Iraq (which is great)… and then invade Pakistan. Times – Obama willing to invade Pakistan

People who HOPE to get the troops out of Iraq, should ask your self is this man’s CHANGE the one you want? If you think Iraq was a disaster wait until Obama sends the troops and war machine (along with the world) into a nuclear war with Pakistan (already armed with nukes).

Guardian – Obama is vice-president’s distant cousin, says Cheney’s wife


With the revelation by Cheney’s wife that Obama is related to former CFR director (the most influential group in the U.S) and Obama is a pro-war CFR member himself (if you want to invade another country, you are pro-war), no one can imagine any informed Anti-war, Anti-Bush/Cheney democrat putting his faith for hope & change in Obama.

What are the other choices?
If want change and vote for Hillary you are choosing to extend the 20 year Bush/Clinton dynasty to at least 24 years (4 years G.H.W.Bush & 8 years B.Clinton & 8 years G.W.Bush & 4 years H.Clinton). Hillary also said she would not take nuking Iran off the table.

If you are an anti-war, anti-Bush/Cheney democrat take a look at Dennis Kucinich, or if you are a really open minded person who wants real CHANGE such as saving billions of dollars by removing U.S troops from over 100 bases world wide including Iraq (using that money for hospitals schools etc), giving more money to the poor and middle classes by eliminating the income tax (Gov receives more than enough from corporate taxes, tobacco taxes, oil taxes, alcohol taxes, etc…), reduce prices of energy and food by increasing the dollar’s value (by backing it with gold instead of nothing), securing the borders by bringing border guards back from Iraq, reducing wasteful Gov bureaucracy using that money to help the catastrophic social welfare and U.S debt, then take a look at Ron Paul.