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By Michael Wagner

United States invades Somalia

It is official now. According to the Associated Press, witnesses have spotted U.S. troops invading the town of Barawe, Somalia, near Mogadishu. Spelled out, the war on terror has found a new home front.

No longer will the United States simply occupy over 100 countries, including South Korea and Germany. The war on terror has moved troops from the United Nations and the United States to wars on the fronts of Afghanastan, Iraq, and now seemingly, to the small militant controlled nation of Somalia. All the while, the United States is keeping its eyes on North Korea, Russia, and China.

Despite promises from the Democratic party, who gained majority control of the House and Senate during the elections in 2006, to end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the war has since taken a turn toward expansion.

Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, has now pledged U.S. military support to help keep the government in charge of the nation, which has been ruled mostly by anarchy since 1991.


The Associated Press

US troops raid Somali town controlled by fighters

MOGADISHU, Somalia — Foreign troops in helicopters strafed a car Monday in a Somali town controlled by Islamist insurgents, killing two men and capturing two others who were wounded

Two U.S. military officials said forces from the U.S. Joint Special Operations Command were involved. The officials gave no details about the raid or its target, and they spoke on condition of anonymity because the operation was secret.

The U.N.-backed government, with support from African Union peacekeepers, holds only a few blocks of Mogadishu, the war-ravaged capital.

Witness Abdi Ahmed said six helicopters buzzed the village before two of the aircraft opened fire. After the helicopters fired, soldiers in military fatigues got out and left with the two wounded men.

Witness Dahir Ahmed said the helicopters took off from a warship flying a French flag,

French military spokesman Christophe Prazuck

“They are not French helicopters,” he said. France previously has launched commando raids to rescue French nationals.

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