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McCain predicts India-Pakistan war

Defeated US Presidential Candidate John McCain says India will attack Pakistan if it fails to act against those involved in the Mumbai raids.

McCain, who is on a two-day visit to Pakistan, outspokenly told a group of reporters in Pakistan’s Lahore that Indian Premier Manmohan Singh was visibly angry about the killings and damage to property in the Mumbai terrorist attacks.

“The democratic government of India is under pressure and it will be a matter of days after they have given the evidence to Pakistan to use the option of force if Islamabad fails to act against the terrorists,” Pakistan’s Daily Times quoted him, as saying on Sunday.

The Arizona Senator stressed that if Pakistan does not do anything to find and arrest the ‘bad guys’, India will have no option but to use force.

Questioned about what the United States would do in the event that India carries out such a threat, McCain said that Washington would not be able to do much,

“We were angry after 9/11. This is India’s 9/11. We cannot tell India not to act when that is what we did, asking the Taliban to hand over Osama Bin Laden to avoid a war and waging one when they refused to do so.”

McCain said that Pakistan could respond to such an Indian attack, but reiterated that the threat to Islamabad on this score will be very real.

The comments come after US and Indian intelligence reports suggested that the Mumbai attacks were carried out by the Pakistan-based Kashmiri militant group Lashkar-e-Taiba.

Meanwhile, Islamabad continues to express doubt over involvement of Pakistani ‘elements’ in the incident.

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