Wise Up Journal
By Gabriel O’Hara

The Telegraph article below reports on Obama’s “surprising” remark followed by an analysis showing this remark not to be a surprise if one had focused on his foreign policy statements during his campaign.

The Telegraph
By Alex Spillius

Barack Obama says US ‘will maintain strongest military on planet’, as Clinton confirmed top diplomat

President-Elect Barack Obama has declared that the United States should maintain the “strongest military on the planet”,

he formally introduced his national security team, which included Hillary Clinton as secretary of state.

But the former Illinois senator, whose rise was built on his opposition to the Iraq war, delivered a message of surprising toughness that at times could have come from George W Bush.

Mr Obama said: “To ensure prosperity here at home and peace abroad, we all share the belief we have to maintain the strongest military on the planet.”

With the responsibilities of office just seven weeks away, he added that his administration was “absolutely committed to eliminating the threat of terrorism”.

“We have to bring the full force of our power, not only military but diplomatic and political, to deal with the threats,” he said, also vowing that the US would stand with India.

Flanked by his new appointments, Mr Obama said he was a “believer in strong personalities and strong opinions”,

Mr Obama offered fulsome praise for Hillary Clinton, whom he confirmed as secretary of state and his most controversial appointment. During the Democratic primary campaign he repeatedly criticised her support in the senate for the Iraq war, and dismissed her foreign experience

he referred to Mrs Clinton as a “dear friend” and left the stage arm in arm with his former foe.

Robert Gates is staying on as defence secretary, and Gen James Jones, a former marine who led Nato in Afghanistan and who since November 2007 has acted as a special security envoy in the Middle East, becomes national security adviser.

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War = Peace, lets look again at the truly doublespeak statement, “Mr Obama said: ‘To ensure prosperity here at home and peace abroad, we all share the belief we have to maintain the strongest military on the planet.'” Well the U.S. military does has a proven record of murdering people, over 1 million abroad in Iraq so far, while ensuring the spread of “peace” and “democracy” abroad.

Obama also said he is “absolutely committed to eliminating the threat of terrorism” and will stand with India who are blaming Pakistan for the Mumbai. Killing millions of people from military “collateral damage” causes natural terrorism from family members wanting revenge, so unlike world war I or II this global war of terror is an endless loop. Politically induced terrorism is when a government terrorises their citizens with hype over Iran getting a nuclear bomb and then that same government funds a Russian company they say is helping Iran develop it’s nuclear weapons capability as reported by CNN (click here to view). The U.S. will never stop creating wars on “eliminating the threat of terrorism.”

Of course Obama will support India against Pakistan


In this video Barack Obama says: “It’s time for us to withdraw some, ugh, our combat troops out of Iraq and deploy them here in Afghanistan…. The Unites States has to take a regional approach to the problem…. Just as we can’t be myopic and only focus on Iraq we also can’t think that we can solve the security problems here in Afghanistan without engaging the Pakistan government.”

During Obama’s campaign he called Zbigniew Brzezinski a close friend who he learned a lot from.  Brzezinski is a former United States National security advisor and in this video we can hear one of Brzezinski’s war tactics: “We always strove to maximize the number of supporters in order to isolate the opponent. I’m very much for the use of power.”

A few days ago the New York Times reported on a redrawn map of Pakistan: “It shows their country truncated, reduced to an elongated sliver of land with the big bulk of India to the east, and an enlarged Afghanistan to the west. That the map was first circulated as a theoretical exercise in some American neoconservative circles. It has fueled a belief among Pakistanis, including members of the armed forces, that what the United States really wants is the breakup of Pakistan, the only Muslim country with nuclear arms.” The Indian government have blame Pakistan on the Mumbai attack. If India join/support the U.S. who are currently bombing Pakistan, as reported by the BBC, or if India launch a massive preemptive attack on Pakistan which Obama will “support” this map could soon be regarded as another one of those miraculous coincidences like the 2000 PNAC document. When money, desire for power, and human deception are taken in to account it’s easy to see the world is not as innocent and simple as they are the bad guys we are the good guys.