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We came, we saw, he died: What Hillary Clinton told news reporter moments after hearing of Gaddafi’s death

Hillary Clinton joked with a TV news reporter moments after she learned that Muammar Gaddafi had been killed in Libya.

She told the reporter: ‘We came, we saw, he died’ as she learned of the dictator’s grisly end.

When the TV reporter asked if her recent visit to Libya had anything to do with Gaddafi’s downfall, the Secretary of State quipped: ‘No,’ then rolled her eyes before adding ‘I’m sure it did.’

Mrs Clinton was preparing for interviews in Kabul, Afghanistan, when top aide Huma Abedin handed her a BlackBerry with the first news of Muammar Gaddafi’s capture.

‘Wow,’ the secretary of state exclaims. ‘Unconfirmed reports about Gaddafi being captured.’She then hands the phone back to Abedin, the wife of disgraced lawmaker Anthony Weiner.

Mrs Clinton had paid an unexpected visit to Tripoli earlier in the week and pledged millions of dollars in new aid to the stricken country.

Officials said the fresh aid brought by the U.S. Secretary of State totals around $11million and will boost Washington’s contribution to roughly $135million since the uprising against Colonel Gaddafi began in February.

Addressing leaders of the National Transitional Council, Mrs Clinton vowed that NATO would continue to protect civilians as long as threats remained in Libya.

She said: ‘I am proud to stand here on the soil of a free Libya.

‘The United States was proud to stand for you in your fight for freedom and we will continue to stand with you as you continue this journey.

‘This is Libya’s moment. This is Libya’s victory and the future belongs to you.’

Mrs Clinton was in Libya just two days ago to praise leaders of the revolt against Gaddafi’s forces, as well as to pledge the U.S.’s support.

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