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Tesco refuses to sell wine to mother shopping with 14-year-old daughter

Staff at supermarket giant Tesco refused to sell wine to a 46-year-old woman – in case she gave it to her schoolgirl daughter.

Karen Dumelow had picked up two bottles of Tesco’s Finest white wine for her partner Keith while doing her weekly shopping and was queuing to pay with daughter Emily, 14.

The cashier demanded to see the teenager’s identification but Emily could not produce any and Mrs Dumelow was told she could not buy the wine.

The supermarket giant tries to stop adults buying alcohol for minors as part of its efforts to curb under-age drinking.

Mrs Dumelow said today: ‘The checkout assistant asked Emily for ID and I just told her that obviously she didn’t have any because she is only 14 years old.

‘I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. It was crazy. Do you have to leave your children at home if you want to buy alcohol now?

Her protests were unavailing. Three senior staff at the store in Portsmouth, Hants, told Mrs Dumelow they backed the cashier’s decision and she was forced to put aside the bottles as she paid for the rest of the shopping.

But Mrs Dumelow, of Milton, near Portsmouth, was not to be defeated.

She simply sent Emily to the car and then bought the wine solo – using the same till manned by the same cashier.

Mrs Dumelow said today: ‘The part that incensed me the most was that literally one minute later I bought the wine from the same till – it was unbelievable.

‘All I had to do was send my daughter to the car and all of a sudden everything was OK.’

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