Wise Up Journal
by Gabriel O’Hara


O’Reilly (2:55) said, “We’ve checked it out a little further than your article and the scientists tell us it is absolutely true and absolutely possible for a human being to be, have a chip ebbed in their system and have many many things appear in their mind upon command.”

Even though it’s bizarre and already exists, just like genetically modifying animals, it is still insane to want to apply and promote it to the unsuspecting population as a wonderful gadget. Are the people producing it, promoting it, and passing legislation on it not as sane as the rest of us? Are they “clever as a fox” but not possessing wisdom?

2 minutes and 37 seconds in to the clip Roger Ebert said, “If I’m downloading information,” and cuts his sentence short while putting his hands on his head in a two horned gesture. Bill O’Reilly and Roger Ebert then begin to laugh, an inside joke perhaps.

Both men describe the chips being connected to wireless internet. The current young generation would probably be clamoring to get this “cool” technology for synchronizing with their mp3 players and combining with other users through online video games etc. They would probably still get it in defiance of their parents wishes the same way they get metal piercings ebbed in to their bodies. The internet is already under 24 hours surveillance of every home and business and viruses can infect PCs. Brain-chips would allow Governments the same access but directly to your mind. A bureaucrat’s wet dream no doubt.

The video clip below uses official EU footage and shows how the EU have already began placing Radio-Frequency-Identification (RFID) chips on consumer products and Euro notes. These types of chips are only the size of a dot on the letter i. Legendary Hollywood producer Aaron Russo also goes in to what Nicholas Rockefeller (son of an international banking family) told him told about the planned financial applications of such chips.


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