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By Nina Golgowski

Tycoon’s American wife was ‘ordered to strip naked for airport security while workers took pictures and video’

Australian customs ordered my wife ‘to remove all her clothes, including underwear, and was photographed,’ multimillionaire Geoffrey Edelsten claims of his then 25-year-old fiancee in his new book.

Mr Edelsten writes that the customs officers ordered his then-fiancee Bryanne Gordon-Edelsten, who was an American fitness instructor, to strip naked and pose for both photos and video at her arrival in 2008.

Arriving to Australia for their wedding, a ‘sniffer dog’ allegedly stopped the blonde – leading to her four-hour inspection at the Melbourne International Airport, according to the Sunday Telegraph’s review of his book.

He wrote: ‘I asked her what had happened in customs. She said that a sniffer dog wouldn’t leave her alone. This was followed by a formal search and, on finding nothing, she was asked to remove all her clothes, including underwear, and was photographed.

‘In the formal note of apology that she received, it stated that the photographs would be destroyed after one year.’

The ‘humiliating’ experience was confirmed by a publicist, who added that Mrs Gordon-Edelsten, now 28, did not wish to comment further.

Australian Customs confirmed that their method of documenting strip searches included photographing and recording travellers suspected of having any kind of prohibited substances on their body.

Forty-eight travellers have gone through the same process as Mrs Gordon-Edelsten between 2010 and 2011, a spokeswoman revealed – adding that the searches are conducted by an officer of the traveler’s gender.

The Customs Act permitted both video and photographic evidence to be made during the searches.

The spokeswoman explained: ‘It is not standard procedure for Customs and Border Protection to photograph travellers naked. There are particular circumstances, however, in which Customs would undertake an external search of a passenger with the consent of the passenger.’

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