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Press Release

On the 4th May 2011 starting at 12 o’clock demonstrators will be meeting and marching from Richmond Terrace to10 Downing Street. at 12.30 we will be handing in a letter inside of a specially made little coffin to the Prime Minister David Cameron, the coffin is to represent all the children stolen abused and sold via the government’s agent’s social services and their army of different government bodies set up to supposedly stop abuse of children.

John Hemming MP needs the support of the press; he is fighting in the House of Commons for justice and change to the laws, for our children and families, and the opening up of the family courts to bring them in to line with the Crown and Magistrates Courts, so that truth can be told.

Mr Hemming is supporting this march, we ask you to please support Mr Hemming MP.

Christopher Booker has been writing many articles in the Daily Telegraph of the truth of the family courts, and the stolen children, do you think for one minute Mr Booker would put his good name on the line, if there was no truth in the plight of these stolen and sold children. We need more journalists like Mr Booker who are not afraid to report the truth.

Gary Walker of the Walker Brothers, is the manager for a young singer Jordan Gray, together they are writing and recording a song for the stolen and sold children

Gary is in talks with other celebrities with the view for a Live Aid Children’s Day to bring to the attention of the Nation of what is a major problem and concern for the children and families in the UK.

Jordan Gray at the age of 23 has shown great concern for wanting to help and support the stolen children.

On the 4th May, we will be marching and carrying little coffins, as we pass the Cenotaph we will drop a flower to represent the stolen and missing children.

If we can march, then you can give media coverage and support the thousands of children.

Yours sincerely

Maggie Tuttle.


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