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By Daniel Bates

Looking to get lucky? Improve your chances with the iPhone app that checks how many men and women are in a bar

Want to get lucky at a bar? There’s an app for that.

A software company has developed an app which lets you check how many men and women are at a bar before you go there.

The start-up has installed facial recognition software at the entrances to bars and clubs and keeps a real-time count on the number of men and women there.

SceneTap has claimed that the cameras will not identify individuals and will only check if they are a man or a woman.

But the idea risks the wrath of privacy groups and raises the prospect of groups of women being targeted or followed around by men who follow their every move on their phones.

Similar apps have faced accusations they are promoting causal sex and such information would prove invaluable to rapists and sex attackers.

SceneTap’s website claims it will allow you to ‘tap into the scene in real time’.

‘How many people are at the bar right now? What’s the guy-to-girl ratio next door? Where are people my age going out tonight? Which bars are nearby? What’s the scene like down the street? SceneTap has the answer,’ it says.

The firm’s chief executive Cole Harper, 27, told Forbes that the facial recognition cameras will not be linked up to Facebook or be able to determine a person’s identify.

So far 200 bars across the U.S. have signed up with more than 50 in Chicago alone, where it is based.

‘This is going to change the way the bar industry runs,’ he said.

The SceneTap app, which will be free, is due to be released at some point in July.

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