Sunday Mail
By Raymond Hainey

MORE than 8000 pupils are to have their fingerprints taken so they can be tracked by teachers.

Controversial biometric fingerprinting will be introduced to eight secondary schools in the biggest experiment of its type in Scotland.

But parents yesterday attacked the scheme[…]

Officials behind the scheme say schools can use electronically collected thumb prints to monitor attendance, the buying of school meals and borrowing of library books.

But Scottish Parent Teacher Council spokeswoman Judith Gillespie said: “I have concerns about it and it does raise the spectre of Big Brother.”

The scheme is to be introduced in all eight secondary schools across East Dunbartonshire[…]

But the Sunday Mail can reveal five other secondaries – Bishopbriggs Academy, Douglas Academy in Milngavie, Kirkintilloch High and Bishopbriggs schools St Ninian’s High and Turnbull High – will also get the scheme.

The council said: “We will be introducing this in all our secondary schools.”

Scanners recognise each individual code and can identify the child from a thumb impression on a scanner.

She refused to say how much the new system would cost to implement but similar systems already installed in schools in England cost up to £20,000 per school.

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