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Mr Sarkozy went out of his way to praise Mr Brown’s “courage and loyalty” in ensuring that the EU Treaty – which will create an EU president, give the EU its own “legal personality” like a country, strengthen EU courts and end Britain’s veto in more than 40 areas – passes without a hitch.

Mr Brown has faced fierce criticism from the Conservatives and some of his own MPs for refusing to hold a referendum on the treaty, though Labour promised one on an earlier version.

Mr Brown announced a series of measures designed to deepen and strengthen Britain’s ties with France, saying he wanted the “entente cordiale” to become an “entente formidable”.

…Nicolas Sarkozy lavished praise on him for ramming through the new EU Treaty without giving British people a say.

As the French president said his new love affair with Britain was “not just a one-night stand” but would “go into next-day breakfast as well”, he insisted the UK must integrate still further with the EU.

The Prime Minister’s stance ensured there would be no repeat of the “paralysis” which ensued when France voted no to the EU constitution in 2005, Mr Sarkozy said.

“If everyone does not ratify it, there won’t be a simplified treaty,” he said.

Mr Sarkozy called for Britain to play a fuller role in the EU, suggesting he hoped we would join the euro rather than “being on the sidelines”.

After a one-day summit at Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium in North London, Mr Brown and Mr Sarkozy said they had agreed to co- operate on defence, the economy, climate change, immigration, nuclear power and a host of other issues.

Britain and France are to combat the threat of nuclear terrorism…

It also said Britain and France would create a “combined maritime strike capacity”, with warships from each country joining forces.

And France is to agree to send more troops to Afghanistan at next week’s Nato summit in Bucharest.

…Mr Brown stressed the “centrality” of Nato, Mr Sarkozy called for a “Europe of defence”.

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