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By Gabriel O’Hara



“(Reuters) – Germany declined to comment on Saturday on reports that three Germans arrested on suspicion of throwing explosives at an EU office in Kosovo were intelligence officers.

“The explosive charge was thrown on Nov. 14 at the International Civilian Office (ICO), the office of EU Special Representative Pieter Feith, who oversees Kosovo’s governance, but caused only minor damage. The men were detained on Thursday.

“A defence lawyer told reporters that the three were suspected of having committed an act of terrorism.

“A spokesman for the German Foreign Ministry in Berlin confirmed that three Germans had been arrested, but declined to make any further comment as an investigation was under way.

“A police source in Kosovo told Reuters: ‘They are members of the BND’, but gave no further details.

“The German weekly Der Spiegel also said the men worked for the German intelligence agency BND,

“Four days before the bomb attack, its leaders [Kosovo] rejected a plan by U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon’s for the deployment of an EU police and justice mission, EULEX.

“Der Spiegel said the BND agents had not been officially registered with Kosovo authorities, which would have secured them diplomatic immunity.”

Everything is on the square



“German media have said the BND officials had told investigators they had been examining the scene of the explosion

“Sueddeutsche Zeitung daily quoted one of the suspects’ lawyers as saying they had gone to the scene ‘out of curiosity’.

“A German foreign ministry spokesman said he hoped for a solution that would satisfy all sides, adding: ‘We have good and trustful relations with the Kosovo government.’

“Kosovo Prime Minister Hashim Thaci said the issue should not be politicised
‘Relations with Germany were, are, and will be excellent.’ [he said]

“In Pristina, many were mystified by the case.

“The three Germans rented a three-storey house in a Pristina suburb. The house, covered with snow on Monday, had a sign in front reading ‘Logistics, Coordination and Assessment Service (LCAS), Hohenstein und Hagen GmbH, branch in Kosovo’. “

Just who is the new Kosovo Prime Minister Hashim Thaci?


“In 1993, Thaçi became a member of the inner circle of the KLA. Thaçi, The Snake, was responsible for securing financial means, training and armament of recruits”

“In 1997, Thaçi was tried in absentia and convicted by the Serbian authorities in Pristina for acts of terrorism associated with his activities in the KLA.”

The always trustful and innocent German secret service, the BND


“The German secret service, the BND, is notorious for infiltrating extremist groups and using them for their own political ends.

“In March 2003 amidst a highly publicized attempt to ban the activities of a German Neo-Nazi political party, the trial collapsed in court after it emerged that the far-right National Democratic Party (NPD) was full of German intelligence officers occupying top ranking positions, including the publisher of the party’s newspaper, who were all secretly on the government’s payroll for decades.

“‘The case has been stalled for more than a year after it emerged that the government’s case rested, at least partly, on a network of informants in the National Democratic Party. This raised the question of whether any acted as provocateurs,’ reported the Scotsman.

“As many as 30 leading figures in the party were exposed as paid agents and informers for the BND.”


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