Daily Mail
By David Gardner

Giving a whole new meaning to ‘detention’: Now unruly pupils as young as six are being ticketed by police in Texas

It used to be that the worst punishment when you misbehaved at school was a dreaded visit to the principal’s office.

But now children as young as six are being ticketed by police and having to answer for their disruptive actions in court.

Even elementary school children in Texas are being given misdemeanor tickets instead of detention for bad behaviour in class.

The most common infractions earning tickets are cursing, disorderly conduct and leaving school early.

Parents in North Texas are protesting about the court punishments that can cost a family up to $500.

One six-year-old in Dallas received class C tickets for things like disrupting class and punch-ups in the playground.

According to new data released by Texas education authorities, more than 1,200 elementary school students were given tickets over the past five years in Dallas alone.

Alief school district  issued 355, while Wichita Falls, Austin and Humble gave out less than 100 each.

The shocking statistic led to protests from angry parents.

‘It’s the school district’s job to help us as parents to help them determine what’s right or wrong,’ said mother Abby Amadore. ‘I don’t think it’s correct to give them a ticket at six years old,’ she added.

The findings were revealed by school watchdogs Texas Appleseed after it collected five years worth of data from 22 districts across the state.

In just one year, between 2006 and 2007, over 4,000 Dallas students of all ages were given tickets.

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