Daily Mail
By Stephen Hull

Pre-crime: Police launch dawn raids after tip-off that rioters will cause chaos at Notting Hill Carnival

Police have arrested 35 people in a series of pre-emptive dawn raids across London after ‘chatter’ on social networking sites led to fears the Notting Hill Carnival could be used by criminal gangs to settle old scores.

Today’s Operation Razorback was launched to stop Europe’s biggest street festival descending into violence and criminal looting.

More than 10,000 police will be patrolling the capital during the carnival weekend in the wake of the London riots in the capital earlier this month.

Stop and search, metal detectors and automatic number plate recognition technology will be used as well as undercover police during the Carnival to catch potential trouble makers.

The Met say 5,500 police will be on carnival duty on Sunday, and 6,500 on Monday – up 500 from usual each day – to tackle gang and drug violence which has marred the event in the past.

And an 4000 extra officers have been called in from neighbouring forces to ensure London outside the carnival area is fully manned.

The police chief said he was ‘really confident’ he had the resources at his disposal to protect the event on Sunday and Monday.

Commander Rodhouse added: ‘Our intelligence picture is still being developed as we approach the weekend and it will be kept under review right up to and indeed during the carnival itself.

Last year more than one million people attended the carnival which is takes place every August Bank Holiday.

It launched in 1964 and now famous around the world for attracting costumes and  culture. Violence has also been an unwanted feature.

In 2004 Lee Subaran was killed with a ‘machine pistol’ because he showed ‘disrespect’ to gang members.

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