By Andrew Gilligan

As promised yesterday, here to download from this link are the full “technical manuals” to which London signed up as part of its contract for hosting the 2012 Olympics – as I described in yesterday’s paper and in the cover story of this week’s Spectator magazine. Our Spectator piece has also been reprinted in today’s Daily Mail.

Some of the key points:

At least 40,000 hotel rooms for IOC, dignitaries and other official guests for the duration of the Games (Accommodation Manual, p33)

French must take precedence over English at Olympic ceremonies (Ceremonies Manual, p36)

“Pageantry and billboards” in French and English to be erected across London (Brand Protection Manual, p83)

Control over “commercial” logos on spectators’ clothes. Unauthorised “hats, visors and T-shirts” to be confiscated (Brand Protection Manual, pp75, 96)

Enforce “brand protection” by “conducting surveillance” (Brand Protection Manual, p95)

Require “behaviour modification” for residents’ travel (Transport Manual, p409)

And much, much more. Warning – if you’re printing out, make sure you have LOTS of paper.

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