By Mark Weiss

An Israeli Arab is to be charged with rape after he allegedly told Israeli women he dated that he was Jewish and an air force pilot.

Four Israeli women, who met the 43-year-old Bedouin via a dating service called Love Me, filed complaints.

Although none of the women claimed they were violently assaulted by the man, he is being charged with rape based on a controversial 2008 ruling that a rape conviction should pertain in any situation where a person lies about personal details that are important to a woman, and in light of misrepresentation, sexual relations occurred.

The Tel Aviv fraud squad opened an investigation after a 59-year old woman claimed she had been victimised by a man calling himself Daniel Tamir, who claimed to be an Israeli air force pilot.

Under police questioning the man admitted to dating a number of Jewish women but he denies telling them that he was Jewish or a pilot.

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