The Sovereign Independent
By Dave Derby

It has emerged that Spanish airport security staff who detained Daniel Estulin on Wednesday evening were tipped off by International Criminal Police Organization, INTERPOL,  who alleged that Mr Estulin may be attempting to use a false passport during his flight to Ireland.

Russian born Estulin, who is a resident and citizen of Spain, was on his way to Ireland to attend a number of talks whilst carrying his Canadian passport, which was issued to him a number of years ago during a period spent living in Canada. It was this passport which has been confiscated from him and he has been told it will not be returned until Queen Elizabeth concludes her state visit to Ireland and returns to the UK.

Spanish authorities also confiscated his laptop computer, which they would have scanned for any incriminating evidence which could be used against him. It is probable that they may have taken a copy of the contents of his hard drive.  The authorites have subsequently returned Mr Estulins laptop.

This latest violation of freedom comes in the wake of the recent demonstrations in Spain and is yet another instance of totalitarian methods being used against those who are trying to wake up the masses in this emerging global Police State –  indeed, Interpol appears to be that global police force in this case.

Daniel Estulin was due to speak at a number of events with Ian R. Crane, exposing the Irish Bilderbergers and other corporate elites who are pulling the strings of the Irish government, shaping government policy and bringing Ireland to its knees financially.

Daniel is the author of a number of best selling books including Club Bilderberg, The Shadow Masters and The True Story of the Bilderberg Group. Daniel has featured on a number of movies and documentaries such as Alex Jones’ End Game and The Obama Deception.

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