The Telegraph
By Ed West

What have the following groups all got in common?

Bath & North East Somerset Racial Equality Council
Black & Minority Ethnic Carers Support Service
Camden & Westminster Refugee Training Partnership (C&WRTP)
Consortium of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender voluntary and Community Organisations
Gypsy/Travel Education & Information Project North East (GTEIP)
MOSAIC Black & Mixed Parentage Family Group
National Council for One Parent Families|Gingerbread
North Yorkshire Black and Minority Ethnic Strategy Board
Pakistan Community Association and Multicultural Advice Centre

You got it – they’re all paid for by you, the taxpaying fools, among a list of 286 organisations funded by your generosity this year, thanks to that £80 million super-quango, the Equality and Human Rights Commission.

not just an expensive waste of money but a menace both to race relations and transparent government.

Many of the groups on the list are perfectly harmless: there’s nothing wrong with them, provided they are paid for by private individuals.

But the dividing line between charity and lobby group is always grey, and some of the charities listed are explicitly political – and even have considerable influence on Government policy. In some cases the taxpayer pays for a pressure group to lobby the Government to spend more money on funding for pressure groups, among other things. Meanwhile the jobs advertised help to fund newspapers, both national and local, which use their editorial power to support this quangocracy and slander any critics as racists or homophobes.

What we’re left with is a socialist negative feedback loop and a system that exists, as it was once said about both the French aristocracy and the Soviet Communist party, solely in order to exist.


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