This man was arrested for sitting on the grass and asking questions and therefore was arrested unlawfully and that is therefore kidnapping and to make matters worse, he was not read his rights and the arresting officer breached his oath of office.

You also see a quitely sitting peaceful man hauled up off the ground very roughly by B453 who also pushed me off the grass, not in this viedo however, while I talked to B549 to try and engage in dialogue to resolve this situation without violence. As I was acting very peacefully by B549’s own admission when B453 pushed me, and I was asking questions to come to some sort of agreement, B453 has most definitely assualted me and caused a breach of the peace and as he breached the peace and assaulted people, he breached the oath of the garda siochana(which means guardians of the peace) and therefore is a criminal. People need to know that this is the sort of violent thuggery we Irish have too often to deal with from people claiming the moral auithority promised by the Garda Siochana’s mission statement. This man numbered B453 is not a garda siochana by definition. He, more than anybody, breached the peace, and unlawfully every step of the way, breached his oath of office within a minute or 2 of his presence. This people who acted unlawfully, uniform or none, are criminals who need to be brought to justice, there is no way around this, they need to be taught.


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