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Facebook is redesigning the profile pages of its 500 million-plus users to make it more of a reflection of their real lives.

But with the new page emphasising one of the site’s most popular features – photos – among other changes, Facebook users will be more and more vigilant about editing their profiles – and watching for privacy issues.

Facebook said in a blog post Sunday the changes are meant to make it easier for users to tell their story – who they are, where they work, their life philosophy and the most important people in their lives.

The changes place a bigger emphasis on visuals, from photos to images of users’ interests.

A new biography section includes not just who you are and where you live but a set of the most recent photos that your friends have ‘tagged’ you in.

Previously users had to click on a tab to see the latest photos on a profile.

Users can also feature important friends in their profile, while previously only random selection appeared.

And in addition to listing their job, users can now add the projects they worked on.

It’s all a move toward curating a more complete picture of a person, something that will likely appeal to Facebook’s advertisers.

On Facebook, even small changes to users’ home pages tend to meet with protests from a small but vocal fraction of users who want things to stay the way they are.

Facebook is rolling out the changes slowly, letting users – for the time being – decide whether they want to display the new profile layout or the old one.

The new layout will be available to all users by early next year, the company said.

Facebook unveiled the changes ahead of an appearance on 60 Minutes by CEO Mark Zuckerberg Sunday evening.

The latest changes come as Facebook intensifies its competition with online search leader Google Inc. as the primary destination for anyone using the Internet.

The changes streamline users profile pages so it’s easier to see the things that matter the most, rather than a chronological stream of the latest wall posts, links and photos they posted.

Users can also see how their Facebook lives intertwine with their friends by clicking on a ‘See Friendship’ link on the top right hand page of their friends’ profiles.

‘You can see all the things that you have in common with that person,’ Zuckerberg said.

‘And it’s just like, it gives you this amazing connection with that person in a way that the current version of the profile that we have today just doesn’t do.’

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