Daily Mail
By Sean Poulter

Installing smart gas and electricity meters in every home in the country will cost the nation £9.3billion, it has been announced.

The ambitious plan, expected to be completed by 2020, will allow power companies to read meters remotely and will mean the end of estimated bills.

British Gas says every household in Britain could reduce its energy use, cut carbon emissions

But they will do much more than simply provide an accurate measure of gas and electricity consumption.

It will be possible to send an electronic message to the meters

The meters could also be used to ration supplies across the network or cap electricity use in a particular household to a certain threshold.

A new industry-backed body would be set up to handle all the meter reading data.

Managing director Phil Bentley said: ‘Smart meters will lead to the single greatest revolution in energy use […]’


Daily Mail
By Tom Mcghie and Daniel Boffey

A domestic refrigerator that can be turned on and off by the electricity supplier without the homeowner being aware is to go on trial.

Npower will distribute 300 ‘smart fridges’ free to homeowners throughout Britain within the next five weeks as part of the energy companies’ efforts to tackle climate change.

The development means that, for the first time, consumers will lose control over the use of electricity in their own homes.

The UK’s six largest energy companies have been told that they have to help meet the Government’s Carbon Emission Reduction Target (CERT).

In time, the energy companies also believe that ‘smart meters’ will be able to pass on information wirelessly about the demand for electricity.


American Thinker
Joseph Somsel

“[California] Title 24 is the requirement for what is called a programmable communicating thermostat” or PCT. Every new home and every change to existing homes’ central heating and air conditioning systems will required to be fitted with a PCT beginning next year following the issuance of the revision. Each PCT will be fitted with a “non-removable ” FM receiver that will allow the power authorities to increase your air conditioning temperature setpoint or decrease your heater temperature setpoint to any value they chose.”


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