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By Bruno Waterfield

Euro MPs to vote on anonymous blog ban

Euro MPs are preparing to vote on proposals for European Union regulation of blogs with the aim of countering a “dangerous” and unregulated blogosphere.

Marianne Mikko, an Estonian centre-left MEP, is concerned[…]

“The blogosphere has so far been a haven of good intentions and relatively honest dealing. However, with blogs becoming commonplace, less principled people will want to use them,” she said.

Mrs Mikko has proposed that bloggers should be required to identify themselves and that some popular blogs should come with a declaration of interests.

“We need some credentials, a quality mark, a certain disclosure of who is writing and why.” she said.

Chris Heaton Harris, a British Conservative Euro MP, has rejected any moves to “regulate and restrict independent media sources”.

“Mrs Mikko obviously does not understand that blogs have become the life blood of a vibrant democracy,” he said.

“I hope these proposals are kicked out.”

Thursday’s vote in the European Parliament is not legally binding but is an indicator of growing EU concern over the influence of blogs on the internet.

A recent internal European Commission report, leaked three weeks ago, found that the EU was losing the battle for hearts and minds online.

“Blog activity remains overwhelmingly negative,” it said.

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Comments from the Telegraph’s website:

What happened to freedom… this is just another sad attempt by failing governments to control the people… i mean if people are able to converse amongst themselves… the government controlled media can longer feed us LIES….


The Eurocrats want to silence the only resource available for undoctored information regarding the EU. What a bunch of fascists.


Our fathers fought long and hard in the second World War to preserve our freedoms; we must not let them down.


The blogosphere, the internet, is not about names but ideas. If what is posted is interesting, people read it; if it’s not interesting, they don’t. From the swirling soup of miscellaneous, random opinions, good ideas emerge. This talk of ‘hidden agendas’ etc is nothing but a disguised ‘ad hominem’ argument, and deserves the contempt it will receive.


Maybe we should replace the term The united states of Europe with the New Soviet Union of Europe.


Europe will never win the battle for hearts and minds – it started as an unelected forum and has progressed rapidly towards dictatorship.  Democracy when you vote “NO” and they tell you to re-run the election until they get the right answer.


The Internet is the only remaining interface for truly free speech. It is the channel to which millions of people can access information that they otherwise could not through the mainstream censored media. Now they are waging war on the Internet. I encourage you all to engage in peaceful non-cooperation with the system