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A market trader has been banned from selling a batch of kiwi fruits because they are 1mm smaller than EU rules allow.

Inspectors told 53-year- old Tim Down he is forbidden even to give away the fruits, which are perfectly healthy.

The father of three will now have to bin the 5,000 kiwis, costing him £1,000 in lost sales.

Speaking yesterday from the stall in Bristol he has owned for 20 years, Mr Down said: ‘It’s total nonsense. I work hard enough to make a living without all these bureaucrats telling us what we can and can’t sell.

‘They’re saying I’m a criminal for selling this fruit, but the real crime is that all this fruit will go to waste  –  all because it’s 1mm too small.

‘It’s a terrible waste, particularly when we’re all feeling the pinch from rising food prices and I’ve got to throw away this perfectly good fruit.’

The greengrocer will lose £1,000 because EU regulators say the fruits are one millimetre too small.

…he received a visit by inspectors from the Rural Payments Agency  –  part of the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

The inspectors conducted a random check to see if Mr Down’s produce met strict European laws.

The regulations state that Class II kiwis must weigh a minimum of 62g  –  around 21/4oz.

But the two-hour inspection revealed that a number of the batch weighed 58g, or about 2oz.

Mr Down said that, in effect, this meant there were a mere 1mm, or 1/25 of an inch, too small in diameter.

Selling them  –  or giving them away  –  carries a fine of up to £5,000.

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