The Wall Street Journal
By By Barbara Chai

One of CBS’s most anticipated fall dramas, “Person of Interest,” will take civilian surveillance as its theme, and to market it, the network is tapping into the trend of interactive billboards. In addition, the promotion involves social media — on Facebook, fans who “like” the “Person of Interest” page can create an individual dossier with an alias, hometown, list of known associates and other data, pulling from the person’s real posts and photos on the social-networking website.

Schweitzer’s marketing team also collaborated with the show’s co-executive producers, which include J.J. Abrams (co-creator of “Lost”) and Jonathan Nolan (co-writer of “The Dark Knight”). In one instance, Abrams gave detailed feedback on the show’s print art for advertisements and billboards. The original art featured the show’s main actors prominently in a circular camera lens, but Abrams suggested playing up the urban environment since it is an important part of the show. The result is the show’s print art of the actors in a square sensor on the left, with the New York City skyline taking up the right half of the poster.

The show is about a former CIA agent (played by Jim Caviezel) who is recruited by a mysterious billionaire (Michael Emerson) to stop violent crimes in New York City before they happen using sophisticated pattern-recognition technology; a police officer (Taraji P. Henson) catches a whiff of their brand of vigilante justice, and is on their tail.

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