Irish Independent
By Michael Dorgan

AS Eamon Gilmore and others lambaste the Government for not giving adequate protection to those most at risk due to the inception of the carbon tax, why do our elected representatives still refuse to ask the real questions? Why are they not asking what is the justification of a carbon tax?

Ostensibly it is being introduced because we humans are producing a dirty pollutant that’s making the climate warmer, which in turn will have apocalyptic consequences.

Yet the past few years have seen a decrease in global temperatures with record cold snaps in many places causing all sorts of chaos as carbon emissions, astonishingly, continue to climb. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which we are told consists of the “creme de la creme” of scientists, climatologists etc, has lost all credibility and so has its “theory” of anthropogenic global warming.

They have been distorting, manipulating and hiding data; while threatening others who oppose their views.

The Medieval Warming Period and Little Ice Age were erased from history by the UN by creating the infamous hockey stick graph that was used all over the world to advocate man-made global warming.

They have now admitted that the Medieval Warming Period may have been warmer than current temperatures. The fear-mongering about the melting Himalayan glaciers was also based on fiction, along with the Arctic glaciers whose percentages are now growing.

This data was then used to set policy, make laws and design treaties. In Ireland, we have a carbon tax, for what? Based on what? There is no independent scientific data to suggest that C02 has ever caused the Earth’s climate to alter and subsequently there is none to suggest it will in the future. Those who have and continue to produce such evidence have been proven to be fraudsters.

Where is the debate when more and more people, according to polls, do not believe in the hype? Why does Al Gore avoid debating the issue? The answer is simple: he and the rest of these greenies know it’s a fraud!

When 30,000 scientists sign a petition saying it is a fraud, there is no exposure; when scandal after scandal is revealed about the IPCC, it is buried in the back pages.

The carbon tax is based on a fraud yet there continues to be a deafening silence from politicians and the media who have both invested heavily in pushing this pseudo-science.

Bear this in mind when you see your forthcoming heating bills.


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