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The British government has resorted to the army in order to police the London Olympics fearing that the British police would not be able to secure the events.

The organizers of the London Olympics are to bring in up to 6,000 soldiers in order to persuade tourists heading to the British capital that London is a safe city after the unprecedented unrest in August and Metropolitan Police’s failure to handle the situation blemished the city’s image.

The Metropolitan Police was slammed by the British Prime Minister David Cameron for the way they tackled the widespread unrest which afflicted the country in August. Cameron attacked Scotland Yard for deploying “far too few” officers on streets in London.

China, fiercely proud of its smooth staging of the 2008 Olympic Games, was the first country that raised concerns over whether London could be a safe enough place to host 2012 Olympic Games.

The proposed measures have caused concerns among the country’s military staff, as they fear the troop assistance may affect the already overstretched resources of the Ministry of Defense.

Furthermore, concerns have been raised that securing the Olympic Games may affect everyday policing in other places.

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