Order made on 7/7 images release

Police have been ordered to release footage of the 7/7 bombers following a freedom of information request by the Press Association.

The request for seven pieces of footage to be released has been ongoing for three years. The images show the terrorists chatting, putting on rucksacks and buying snacks

The footage was described in detail in the Home Office’s narrative report, published the year after the 2005 attacks.

The Information Commissioner overruled objections from Scotland Yard that disclosure of the films could disrupt its investigations.

The force now has 35 days to either appeal or disclose the seven pieces of material.

pieces of [alleged] footage are:

• 0454 Tanweer at Woodall Services on the M1, buying snacks, arguing over his change with the cashier

• 0900 Hussain back in King’s Cross, walking through Boots into WH Smith on station concourse, and buying a nine-volt battery

• 0906 Hussain entering McDonald’s on Euston Road

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Call for public inquiry into 7/7

Survivors of the 7 July London bombings have threatened legal action over the government’s refusal to grant an independent public inquiry.

James Oury, senior partner of Oury Clark Solicitors, said because the former Home Secretary, Dr John Reid, refused their request earlier this year to grant an independent public inquiry, they had been forced to consider this legal challenge.

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Extradition judgement of the information mailer *

7/7 documentary: