EU to search out cyber criminals

Remote searches of suspect computers will form part of an EU plan to tackle hi-tech crime.

It will also encourage better sharing of data among European police forces to track down and prosecute criminals.

Europol will co-ordinate the investigative work and also issue alerts about cyber crime sprees.

Data share

The five-year plan won the backing of the EU ministers at a meeting which also granted 300,000 euros (£250,000) to Europol to create the system to pool crime reports and issue alerts about emerging threats.

The ministerial meeting also backed the anti-cyber crime strategy that will see the creation of cross-border investigation teams and sanction the use of virtual patrols to police some areas of the net.

Other “practical measures” include encouraging better sharing of information between police forces in member nations and private companies on investigative methods and trends.

Forces will also take part in “remote searches” and patrol online to track down criminals.

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An idea of how this will be abused:
(Remember that new “crimes” will be added in the next few years)

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