The Platform for a Referendum (“Plattform Volxabstimmung” on the EU Reform Treaty organised a Human Chain around Parliament in Vienna to show the Austrian Members of the Austrian Parliament that — if they ratify this treaty — they do it Not In Our Name. More than 5000 people peacefully marched through Vienna up to Parliament. The Austrian Government, like all Governments of all member states of the EU – except for Ireland – does not intend to give the people their right to vote on this treaty.

This message of the Human Chain is not only directed to the Members of Parliament in Austria, however, but also to the peoples of Europe in other member states, who shall know that they are not alone in their wish to decide for themselves.

International Solidarity with the peoples of Europe, who are united in the wish to decide for themselves within their democracies!

The number of supporting organizations rises by about 2 a week. Today, the platform consists of more than 60 organizations from piece movements, globalisation critics, democracy movements, anti-nuclear movements, and many others, including: (Factory for Peace and Solidarity) (ATTAC Austria) (More Democracy Austria) (4 Years is enough) (Akin — Current Information) (Speaker of the Unemployed) ( (Stop Nuclear Power — Life Without Nuclear Power) (Center for Encounter and active Nonviolence) (Democratic Lounge) (Educational Factory of the Greens Vienna) (European Federation for Civil Rights) (European Association for the Promotion of Sustainable Development) (Federation of Democratic Worker Associations) (Nuclear Power Free Future Vienna) (Peace Buero Salzburg) (Peace Journalism)
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