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Investigation launched after airport security worker planted creatine powder on passengers as a prank

A security worker at Philadelphia’s airport planted a fake vial of cocaine in passengers’ luggage as part of a prank.

The unnamed BAO (bomb appraisal officer), who has since be sacked, targeted passengers as they collected their baggage from X-ray scanners.

He had been at the airport to test out new security equipment when he decided to use vials of creatine powder meant to be used in the scanners on unsuspecting travellers.

Documents released as part of the investigation revealed the Transportation Security Administration worker approached passengers and asked if the drugs belonged to them.

The prank so unnerved one passenger she burst into tears.

The documents, posted on The Smoking Gun, said the worker showed a ‘small vial of white powder’ to one and asked: ‘Did this come out of your bag?’

When the passenger replied no, the officer asked: ‘Are you sure?’

The traveller then said: ‘Yea, I’m pretty sure,’ and began to laugh.

‘Okay, just wanted to make sure. Have a nice flight,’ the officer replied.

The officer later returned and approached two young women who were collecting their luggage from the X-ray machine. One of the women was a 22-year-old university student.

The TSA employee asked the university student: ‘Do you have anything in your bag that you’re not supposed to?’

After she responded no, the worker displayed the fake cocaine.

‘Did this come out of your bag?’ he asked.

The panicked passenger replied: ‘No way. I don’t even know what that is,’ according to the TSA report.

The worker then joked: ‘I’m just checking. I know it didn’t come out of your bag, it belongs to me. You seem way too nice. Have a good flight.’

The university student, in tears, approached an airline worker to complain. Referring to ‘the things that are going on in the world today,’ she said it wasn’t a ‘funny joke’.

As part of its probe of the pranks, investigators spoke with other TSA employees. Five confirmed that the officer had tried to trick passengers into thinking that cocaine was found in their luggage, but only one informed a supervisor.


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