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Up to 120,000 people marched through Dublin today in an emotional and angry national demonstration over the Irish Government’s handling of the economic crisis.

The sheer size of the turnout meant it had to set off earlier than was organised, with the parade stretching the entire length of its two kilometre route at one stage.

Hundreds more lined the streets of the city centre, many clapping and cheering, as both public and private sector workers came together under the banners of several trade unions for one the largest demonstrations ever seen in the capital.

The demonstrators marched past the Dail (Irish Parliament) for a rally at Merrion Square, where the Irish Congress of Trade Unions (Ictu) general secretary David Begg accused a wealthy elite of “economic treason” by destroying the country’s international reputation.

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Irish Independent

It is understood that even within Government there is a growing realisation that, as one source put it, “something has got to give”.

Yesterday, a spokesman for Minister for Finance Brian Lenihan said there was deep concern about the outflow of money from Ireland as a result of serious malpractice, highlighted at Anglo Irish Bank.

An estimate that investors have withdrawn €10bn from the country in the last seven days alone has been acknowledge by Department of Finance sources. “This flight of capital, if it continues, is heading us in the direction of economic insolvency. It is truly frightening,” one source said.

Another source close to the Government yesterday told the Sunday Independent: “There would almost be a sense of relief if there was a national government. Every week is Armageddon now.”

In relation to Mr Kenny’s call for an election, he said: “The Opposition is only focussed on getting into power. They don’t realise they will ruin the country if they keep acting like this. A general election will solve nothing. Labour and Fine Gael have totally different approaches. The political wrangling that’s going on will ruin the country.

“Fine Gael and Labour should only aspire to power in the current situation as members of a national government,” he said.

He added: “An all-party government, drawn from the main parties for a three-year period, with the possibility of extending it, is what is needed.

A new national government would need some exceptional powers for at least three years to insulate it against the unpopularity of the decisions that have to be made.

Yesterday, at least 100,000 people protested against the handling and effects of the recession, including public sector workers resisting the Government’s pension levy. The march through Dublin city centre offered a foretaste of possible social unrest.

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The Independent’s “source close to the Government” has a fascist mindset as he recommends a “new national government” having dictatorial powers when he said they “would need some exceptional powers for at least three years to insulate it against the unpopularity of the decisions that have to be made.” “An all-party government, drawn from the main parties” is very unlikely to happen as it would be too easy for the public to see that all of the establishment players are corrupt show pieces/puppets, unless they do take exceptional dictatorial powers. In the West having different parties keeps the illusion of democracy going and quells rebellions. Instead of rebellions when the public becomes fed up a party X they vote them out by voting in party Y and when they are fed up with Party Y they vote back in party X or Z. No major policies are reversed and so the loop continues keeping the public out of the loop from seeing all the parties are all but sides of the same corrupt object whom just rubber stamp agendas from bureaucracies, the EU, UN treaties, and recommendations from international and local NGOs. But then again an open one party soviet system could updated our current system; Sarkozy, Brown and company have said capitalism does not work any longer and that they will be the public actors to usher in the new system, plus the Irish Independent did print that close sources to the Government are pondering about the Government seizing “exceptional powers” to “insulate it against the unpopularity of the decisions that have to be made.” If anything it shows the mindset of the system’s managers.


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