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During the distraction of an important referendum count in Dublin last Friday a U.S. military aircraft (the large $218 million dollar C17) landed at Dublin Airport. Dublin airport authority confirmed that the U.S. military dropped off undisclosed cargo.

The drop-off did not have the earmarks of a mere delivery of common materials. One of the remarkable aspects of this event was the great significance put upon the unaccounted for cargo by the U.S. government, which required military transportation and its contents to be kept covert.

According to the Irish Daily Star:

“The plane is a C17 used by the Us AirForce as a troop and cargo plane. A spokesperson for the Dublin Airport Authority confirmed to The Star last night that the plane was US military.

“It was bringing cargo to the Us Embassy. We don’t know what the cargo was, but even if we did, we wouldn’t be at liberty to discuss it,” the spokesperson explained.

“We have no role in giving permission for military flights, that’s up to the government.”

A spokesperson for the Department of Foreign Affairs confirmed they were aware of the flight and that permission had been granted.”
– Irish Daily Star, Star 14 June 2008