Wise Up Journal

The Irish people voted on the Lisbon Treaty all day Thursday and by Friday evening the result was official, we voted against the Treaty by 53.4 % to 46.6% with a turnout of 53.1%, the highest turnout in Ireland for an EU treaty this decade.

Everyone at Wise Up Journal and We Are Change Ireland would like to send our deepest thank you to all who voted no on the Treaty and every person/group who tirelessly campaigned against it. While those on the yes side relied on spin and misinformation, every group opposed to the Treaty were doing their absolute best to inform the public of what was actually contained in the Treaty and why we all needed to vote no on it.

We would also like to send a massive thank you to everyone who helped us throughout our campaign. The support we received enabled us to raise real issues about the Treaty and inform the general public of why we needed to defend the Irish and European citizens interests by voting no to the Lisbon Treaty.