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We are releasing this footage because of the misinformation about the event in the media

Mr. De Rossa was not attacked, he was asked a question: why at the EU Parliament did he vote not to respect Ireland’s referendum decision?

We flagged down a Garda van (other people also phoned the Garda), everyone’s details were taken and nobody was arrested.


Here’s how the event has been portrayed in the media

“attacked and assaulted”

“When he objected to being filmed by one of the group with a camcorder he was knocked to the ground”

In a free country people can question their Public Servants but why are the majority in the media not asking the hard questions?

A minor incident has gotten more media attention than the leaked Government memo reported by the Irish Daily Mail.

To be informed on this article search: “Treaty Con Irish Daily Mail”

Look in to the Lisbon Treaty yourself and decide what are facts and what are “clever” spin, then vote yes or no.

We Are Change believe in people expressing their democratic voices in an non-violent manner.

Here is a clip of how We Are Change hopes all politicians can conduct them selves maturely in an non-violent way: