On Monday Charlie McCreevy went against the law of the Irish Constitution (Article 9.3) which states “Fidelity to the nation and loyalty to the State are fundamental political duties”. The EU services commissioner suggested that we should not vote for ourselves but vote Yes on the EU treaty for the interests of the foreign greater number, the other 500 million citizens of the EU when he said, “and to do so on behalf of and in the interests of every member state and its citizens.” McCreevy does not know which way the other 500 million would vote because they will not be given a democratic vote on the treaty.

Ireland is the only country that can save Europe from the tyrannical EU treaty as we are constitutionally bound to hold a referendum on changes to the way the country is governed. The 2008 EU treaty if voted in will overrule the Irish constitution which makes it the greatest threat to a self governed Ireland since we declared our independence.

McCreevy said if we vote the treaty down it would be “damaging to our standing in Europe and the rest of the world”. By damaging OUR standing he must be talking about the Irish politicians that the EU handlers have given the duty to for the manufacturing of an Irish yes vote. What people in “the rest of the world” is McCreevy speaking of who would view less of Irish folks for voting a democratic no? Certainly not the ordinary citizens which make up 99% of the world population.

McCreevy used fear as a threat against voting no when he implied Ireland needs to vote yes to give the EU strength OR ELSE we won’t prosper, “position of strength is the only kind of Europe in which Ireland and its citizens can prosper.” Economic intelligence causes a free nation to prosper, tyrannical nations and empire canters prosper by strength and force.

“not a time for self-indulgence, for putting the two fingers up at a member state government”, McCreevy told the press as he turned up the propaganda machine. McCreevy implies if you vote no on the treaty you are not really voting no you are just irresponsibly self-indulgent and displaying a vote of no confidence in the Irish government. Like top-class propaganda that statement contradicts itself as a yes vote not a no vote would relinquish even more control to the EU from the Irish government which gets it’s authority from the people and the constitution.

McCreevy stresses the point “we need to co-operate with super-powers in the rest of the world”, co-operating and handing over power (which is what the treaty does) are entirely different things and we don’t need to co-operate with super-powers if it is not in our best interest otherwise that is tyranny. After all, we did fight our independence away from a super-power, let’s not ignorantly hand it over to another.