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By Gabriel O’Hara

The article below from the Irish Examiner stated that the government was willing to pay parents for a vaccine the state promoted (as they do with most corporation’s vaccines) that damaged children. A government unit was established to handle this problem, yet if you speak with Government employees about the warnings raised today by parents whose children stopped talking after receiving vaccines they will tell you “as far as I can tell” there are no doubts on the safety of vaccines. With statements similar to “as far as I can tell” it takes legal responsibility off of them as they are simply informing you of “their” belief/opinion/spin of the information they are willing to admit having read.

The name of the government unit is telling, the Vaccine Damage Steering Group. With a name like that it is no surprise it steers parents to “no-fault” compensation. The article below was publish in July 2007 and the submissions deadline for parents with vaccine-damaged children was one month later. The issue makes you think, maybe the public should not trust bureaucrats and corporations. Do western societies trust bureaucrats running their country financially? Do western societies trust them with their children’s bodies and minds? But rest assured if you ever do discover vaccinations limited the potential of your child’s intellect (you won’t notice a few IQ points) or long term immune system and the government are ever forced decades later to partially admit to ruining your child they might pay you a few month’s salary. But if you refuse that pay-off and if you live long enough you might have a little higher chance than no chance of suing the corporation who manufactured the vaccine and you could get more money, but I doubt it. Best to trust yourself, yourself with knowledge and discernment.


Irish Examiner

Submissions sought on vaccine damage compensation scheme

A STATE-APPOINTED group charged with drafting a compensation scheme for vaccine-damaged children is seeking submissions from the public and interested groups on the issue.

The Vaccine Damage Steering Group was established by the Department of Health and Children earlier this year. Five years ago the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Health and Children recommended that a no-fault compensation scheme be established for the “small number of children” who experienced serious reactions to vaccinations.

Members of the Vaccine Damage Steering Group include representatives from the Department of Health and Children, the Health Service Executive, the Irish Medicines Board and the State Claims Agency.

Fine Gael’s Denis Naughton is delighted that the first step has finally been taken to support vaccine- damaged children.

“It is about time that we lived up to the moral responsibility of taking care of those who were damaged by State-promoted vaccination programmes rather than trying to hide them away in a dark corner,” he said.

He hoped the public consultation process would lead to the introduction, in the near future, of a system that supported rather than ignored some of the most vulnerable people in society.

“This is the first positive step taken to support vaccine-damaged children in over 25 years and it will hopefully lead to the provision of proper support services for these people, many of whom are now adults, and their elderly parents,” said Mr Naughton, who pointed out that the British government had already established a no-fault compensation scheme for children damaged by State vaccination programmes.

“While the Irish Government did offer a once-off ex-gratia payment of £10,000 (€12,700) to 16 parents of vaccine-damaged children in 1982 and 1984, this is totally inadequate for the long-term needs of children who were literally damaged by the State itself,” he pointed out.

Mr Naughton said that in one of the 16 cases acknowledged by the State, the parents planned to sue the State and manufacturers.

“After waiting years for their legal team to instigate proceedings, the family was devastated when told before Christmas that their legal team is not prepared to go through with the case.”

He pointed out that the legal route was the last avenue left open to the family to ensure that their severely disabled son would be adequately provided for should anything happen to his elderly parents. “Why should parents have to face another year with such uncertainty due to the lack of progress by a Government department?” he asked.

Closing date for receipt of submissions is August 10.


Irish Times

UUP man tells of autistic son during MMR debate

A member of the Stormont Health Committee last night revealed that his child stopped speaking after receiving the controversial MMR vaccine. The Rev Robert Coulter (UUP, North Antrim) made his comments during questioning of Northern Ireland’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr Henrietta Campbell.



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