Inspired by Declan Ganley’s essay (Irish Daily Mail)

Some politicians propagandize Ireland will be a laughing stock if we vote against the EU treaty and for continued democracy in Europe. France and Holland were not the laughing stocks of Europe in 2005 when they voted down the EU constitution. The whole of World will rejoice when the Irish vote against it because we would have saved democracy for 27 countries and half a billion people. With this Treaty, Ireland has been thrust into the driving seat of history.

Days before the EU treaty-constitution signing, French President Nicolas Sarkozy said that if the people of Europe had their say on this treaty it would fail.

When the EU representatives further empowered an unaccountable elite, one has to wonder if any of them felt the weight of it’s people’s betrayal, the ones they were supposed to be democratically representing. This exposed their arrogance and contempt for democracy.

Among many worrying aspects of the treaty regarding tyrannical changes of our courts, the treaty also creates a President of Europe with the power to represent the European Union on the global stage. Article 48 of the EU Treaty says ‘self-amending’, meaning it can be changed significantly without further need for referenda.

The drafters of the Irish constitution put checks and balances on the government, they were familiar with the unlimited greed of those who would assert power over the people. And this is why the Irish are the only ones required to vote. Vote for the treaty and the protection of our constitution is gone!

For yourself, your family, democracy, and half a billion people in the EU, help all the Irish groups save Europe! If you live outside Ireland most groups like Libertas CAN NOT take your donations, but Wise Up Journal & We Are Change Ireland CAN.