Treacy Hogan

Ireland yesterday became the first country in the world to ban the traditional lightbulb.

Householders will be forced to switch to new long-life low-energy bulbs in 12 months’ time.

New legislation is being introduced banning the sale of the normal incandescent lightbulb from January, 2009.

The National Climate Change Strategy proposed a levy on low-efficiency bulbs.

However, Environment Minister John Gormley, in his Carbon Budget, announced an all-out ban on the old-style lightbulb.

Mr Gormley said the minimum energy efficiency standards for lighting will be introduced from 2009.

These standards will result in an effective ban on the sale of traditional lightbulbs.

According to the minister the aim of the measure was to completely end the use of these lightbulbs across the country.

Admitting there would be teething problems in the run up to the ban, the minister said that as part of the preparation of the legislation there would be full consultation with all stakeholders.

Eoin Dubsky, Greenpeace campaigner said: “Greenpeace hopes that Ireland’s decision will light the way for the EU and the rest of the world.”

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