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Article update: 14.11.2010

On the 11th of November 2010 John Anthony Hill lost his appeal to the Supreme Court of Ireland, it is unclear at present if he has already been extradited to the UK or if he is still waiting to be extradited.

If you have an interest in freedom and want to experience a real court case trial, it’s free to enter the legal precedent-setting case on 11/11/10.

This trial could set an EU-wide legal precedent in two ways:

  1. Make sending what you perceive as controversial truth to law enforcers a criminal offence.
  2. Allow individuals who directly send what they perceive as truth by post, emails or any other means to law enforcers to be incarcerated in foreign prisons.

On Nov 11 you can experience the fight for freedom at the Four Courts, Dublin City Centre, and get a first-hand look at how the legal system is really run. This is John Anthony Hill’s second and final trial to be extradited to London; his state appointed barrister lost him the first one. This time you can witness the brave John Anthony Hill taking on the battle for EU freedom himself without any barrister or legal team.

Meet up with the rest of us at 10am outside the Four Courts to experience the trial and to support freedom. Afterwards we’ll have a few drinks in a nearby pub to recap on the events inside the courtroom. Hopefully we’ll be having a celebration party. See you there.

Thursday, 11th November 2010
Mrs. Justice Macken
Mr. Justice Finnegan
Mr. Justice
(In the Hugh Kennedy Courtroom)
At 11 o’clock
For Hearing
143/09 MJELR v Hill

– There will be people to meet you outside the Four Courts at 10am. View the location of The Four Courts. If you’d like to read more about the first trial and it’s extremely bizarre courtroom proceedings click here.