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A distraught schoolgirl burst into tears and has been refusing to eat after being branded ‘overweight’ by health chiefs.

Katie Owen, 11, was left so devastated when she read the letter from Barking & Dagenham NHS in Essex that she immediately decided to starve herself.

The shattered youngster cried her eyes out and called herself ‘too fat’ after receiving the results from the National Child Measurement Scheme, which records children’s Body Mass Indexes (BMIs).

Katie, who was previously a pupil at Hunters Hall Primary and will start at Eastbrook School, Dagenham, next month, was measured in June.

She is 5ft, tall for her age, and weighs 110 pounds – putting her BMI at a healthy 21.5.

Yet the NHS has branded her overweight, even though she is a borderline case.

Katie’s outraged mum, Joanne, of Dagenham, said: ‘I think it’s absolutely disgraceful. My daughter is slim and healthy.

‘To put her through something like this when she is reaching such an important time in her life is just cruel.

‘So many teenage girls starve themselves and become anorexic, which is really unhealthy and traumatic for the whole family.

‘I couldn’t bear it if that happened to my daughter.’

Katie and her pals received their results last week, but she was the only one told that she was too heavy.

‘She is absolutely not fat,’ said Joanne, who said Katie had been refusing to eat.

‘Katie is tall for her age. A good few inches taller than most of her friends.

‘And she suffers from problems with her joints. Katie has been under the care of Great Ormond Street Hospital for years.’

Katie’s condition means she cannot always exercise regularly but the schoolgirl has always eaten healthily, avoids junk food and plays sport when she can.

Katie’s case follows that of five-year-old Lucy Davies in February, who was told she was ‘overweight and unhealthy’ by the NCMP.

They told the primary schoolgirl she may have an increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and cancer as her body mass index (BMI) was outside recommended guidelines… by one per cent.

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