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The British police have killed three people with Taser guns and pepper spray, amid rising concerns over the use of brutality by the police in the United Kingdom.

The Metropolitan Police shocked 53-year-old Philip Hulmes to death, the third man to be killed by the British police in eight days, while trying to arrest him in Over Hulton, near Bolton.

The police broke into Hulmes’s house and tasered him to death while trying to arrest him.

Meanwhile, Amnesty International has expressed concerns over the use of Taser guns by the UK police against British citizens.

The international rights organization said the rising number of deaths due to Taser shocks in Britain have reaffirmed the body’s concerns over the use of Taser guns.

Last week, Dale Burns, 27, died after the police tasered him several times in Cumbria. Another officer also used pepper spray while trying to arrest Burns.

Twenty five-year-old Jacob Michael was also killed following the use of pepper spray by the UK police to restrain him in Cheshire town on August 24.

The developments come as the death of a Black man, Mark Duggan, at the hands of the British police triggered Britain’s worst unrest in decades earlier this month.

British Prime Minister David Cameron earlier said that the government would take an iron fist approach toward the protesters as he called for a more visible presence of British police officers on the streets, blaming the recent unrest across Britain on British society’s sense of irresponsibility and moral decline.

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