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City NHS reaches out to families who haven’t had MMR jab

NURSES are to be sent out to the homes of families who have not had their children vaccinated against measles, mumps and rubella.

The number of city youngsters who have had the vaccination has been rising steadily for the past two years.

But between January and March this year the rate for Nottingham dipped to under 86% for five-year-olds.

Hundreds of children are still not being given the first jab at 13 months or the booster at three years, despite reminders from their GPs.

And Nottingham’s primary care trust has now sent nurses to the homes of some of these families to ensure they are immunised.

A four-month pilot scheme was run with four GP practices until May – and may be rolled out to other parts of the city if judged a success.

Nurses or health visitors go to the homes of children whose families have failed to respond to requests to get vaccinated three times.

Caroline Jordan, senior nurse in public health at NHS Nottingham City, said some families had trouble accessing GP practices to get the jab.

GPs have incentives in their contracts to get children vaccinated
, and practices often phone families who have not had the jab.

Miss Jordan said: “There has been some opportunistic vaccination but we are trying to put in place is a more systematic approach to that.

“There are lots of things that the practices are already doing, but for some families it is hard for them to engage with them.”

The most recent figures for this year show 85.6% of city five-year-olds have been given the MMR vaccine.

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