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By David Massey

Hydrofluoric Acid spill in China causes mass evacuations (Astonishingly this is the very same chemical that the Irish government is adding to our drinking water)

A major leek of Hydrofluoric Acid has been reported in China’s Zhejiang province, local government authorities said Thursday. Approximately 20 tonnes of this highly toxic acid leaked from the factory compound of Zhejiang Hailan Chemical Co. Ltd located in the High – tech Development Zone in Quzhou City causing local police, fire fighters and environmental agencies to call an immediate evacuation of workers and residents of the surrounding area.  If this chemical became airborne it would cause serious injury and death to thousands of residents within miles of the spill.

Astonishingly this is the very same chemical that the Irish government is adding to our drinking water and has been doing so for over 40 years, despite the overwhelming and growing evidence from scientists around the world that this practice is causing serious injury to the the public in the few remaining countries that to continue with this out of date practice.

Despite the thousands of peer reviewed papers against fluoridation, Ireland remains the only country in Europe to fluoridate its public water supply on a large scale, about 10% of England fluoridates and less than 3% of Spain.

That’s right 98% of Europe rejects this madness for many reasons including health. Fluoridation is connected with many serious conditions including Osteoporosis. According to Osteoporosis Ireland 50% of Irish women over the age of fifty will develop this condition by far the highest in Europe. This is no coincidence

There is some good news , in 2001 Fine Gale pledged that if elected they would end the controversial compulsory practice of adding fluoride to all drinking water because of “serious health concerns”.

“Fine Gael believes that there are sufficient grounds to point to serious health risks from the cumulative amount of fluoride in our piped water supply system,” according to a new policy document drawn up by Environment spokesperson Ivan Yates.

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