Daily Mail

A woman was told that she had suffered a miscarriage only to find that her baby was still alive a month later.

Catherine Kent, 27, and her partner Kevin Gray, 28, were devastated when they were told that their unborn baby had died at eight weeks and she was offered an abortion or pills to shorten the miscarriage.

But Catherine chose to wait for the baby to pass naturally – and a month later she was stunned when a scan revealed that her child was still alive.

The couple were delighted that their baby was still alive but furious that the the hospital, the Sunderland Royal Hospital, had made a mistake that had caused them so much grief.

Catherine said: “What if I had taken the tablets they offered me? They could have left my baby severely disabled, or it could have died?

“They could’ve aborted my baby while it was alive, how can the hospital make a mistake like that?

“How many other people have taken the tablets or had an abortion when their baby was alive all the time?”

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