Wise Up Journal
By Gabriel O’Hara

The mortality rate of the swine flu is significantly lower than the normal flu. The normal seasonal flu kills over 690 people a week in the United States alone unlike the swine flu which has contributed to 141 deaths over a couple of weeks globally. That figure comes from a U.S. government department, the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) which states: “Every year in the United States, on average 5% to 20% of the population gets the flu; more than 200,000 people are hospitalized from flu complications, and; about 36,000 people die from flu-related causes.” – http://www.cdc.gov/flu/about/disease/index.htm

At the start of the World Health Organisation’s flu hype (helped by the global media) one little article in Reuters reported vaccine company shares are soaring: “Viral vaccine maker Novavax rose more than 75 percent to $1.42 per share.” But it’s not all about money,  injecting the entire population with a rushed vaccine which effects the immune system is far more dangerous than getting the normal flu or the weak swine flu. 

All nations under the UN have adopted laws from the World Health Organisation on what your government should do when the WHO tells them. Looking at Irish law on what they will do if the WHO gives the order allows other countries to see what their governments will do. The Department of Health & Children’s National Pandemic Influenza Plan: “The World Health Organization has identified and categorised non-pharmaceutical public health interventions as follows: Requirement for adults and children to stay in their homes. Requirement for adults and children to submit to examination, vaccination, immunisation.”

Irish law (show below) states the entire population will be injected with a rushed vaccine not just the infected and uninfected population quarantined at hospitals and “other places”.

Part IV of the the Irish Health Act:

Health Act section 32:
“The Minister may by order declare that-”

“it is necessary, for the purpose of preventing the spread of a particular infectious disease, that all adult persons should submit themselves to a specified measure in relation to their protection or immunisation against such infectious disease”

“The Minister may by order declare that—”

“it is necessary, for the purpose of preventing the spread of a particular infectious disease, that all children should be submitted to a specified measure in relation to their protection or immunisation against that infectious disease”.

The title of Section 38 is “Detention and isolation of person who is probable source of infection” and it states the following, “force may, if necessary, be used for the purpose of carrying out any provision of this subsection.” Part 2 of Section 38 redefines the word person into patient: “(2) Where an order is made under this section in relation to a person (in this subsection referred to as the patient), the following provisions shall have effect[….]”. Being classified as a “patient” brings in all other laws on what the state can do to a person. The following line in Section 38 legally allows the government to detain people in government facilities not just hospitals: “the order to allow for the patient’s isolation in a hospital or other place convenient“. Now you see that anything can be made legal. When a certain percentage of people die from these rushed vaccines don’t expect governments to be sued as there is ‘reasonable doubt’ that it was the ‘pandemic’ that killed those people and world’s governments acting together did nothing ‘illegal’. The last thing you or your family want is to be injected by the state so it might be wise to raise this issue with influential members of your community so when the time comes you can stand together and say “no”.

Keep in mind that the National Pandemic Influenza Plan says when a pandemic  (false or otherwise) is completely over “it may be a long time before the health services recover”. Business, farming, and food supplies will take just as long if not longer to recover. How will a family feed themselves when public gatherings will be ‘illegal’, when food markets will be closed and leaving the home is forbidden? There are other ways doing things to save more lives but as you’ve seen the texts above are the law and with regards to food; big corporate supermarket stores are going to do what they are told regardless of the consequences or if the ‘pandemic’ is justified or not. As you now know plans to deal with the swine flu are more dangerous than the flu it’s self.


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