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By Gabriel O’Hara

The extracts from  below are from an Times highlighting article abuse suffered by elderly people in Southern Cross Healthcare homes. This article is then followed by information concerning an elderly Irish woman at an Southern Cross home who has been severely physically and mentally abused and management refuse to release against her and her son’s wishes.

The Times
By Claire Newell

Exposed: filth and abuse in care home
Within hours of starting work as a carer the undercover reporter saw a resident being manhandled. Then came the cold food and poor hygiene

Posing as an office worker looking to change careers, I was accepted for the job after one interview. There was not much competition: the pay was £6.35 an hour which is 7p more than stacking shelves at a local Tesco.

Arden Valley was chosen for the undercover investigation after reviewing its “poor” inspection reports.

Many of the problems seemed to spring from the fact that the home appeared under-resourced and understaffed. Yet it belongs to Southern Cross Healthcare Group, the biggest supplier of beds to the elderly in Britain, which has made huge profits for its directors and former private equity owners.

One carer claimed that she was the only person on duty last Christmas speaking fluent English.

Over the next three weeks I lost count of the number of times I saw care assistants using drag lifts.

drag lifts are a condemned practice. “I could fracture your shoulder . . . or pull your arm out of its socket,” a staff member explained. There was also the risk of dropping someone,

Meal times were always a nightmare. One senior carer said that it took 15 minutes to feed one person but most carers had only five minutes at best.

I saw carers changing a soiled incontinence pad one minute, and then handling another resident with the same gloves. I conducted a series of swab tests on the carpets and floors and two of the samples detected pathogens: one for MRSA and the other for C diff.

I saw one member of staff attempting to clean a soiled sheet as it lay on the bed because there was no replacement available.

My colleagues were not impressed. One told me: “They are always on about how they’re going to turn it into a five-star hotel, with all this posh Italian wallpaper and flat-screen tele-visions, but we haven’t got any bloody sheets.”

The home, which charges up to £752 a week, has two floors containing 24 bedrooms


Kathleen Stenson imprisoned by a British nursing home

Kathleen Stenson [81] is callously being denied permission to return home to Ireland by Southern Cross Healthcare and she is effectively imprisoned and isolated in an appalling nursing home called, Court Care Centre, West Felton, Oswestry, Shropshire SY11 4LE.

Even worse than this the management of this dreadful place have placed her on starvation rations and denied her exercise or any program of mental or physical stimulation.

This is nursing home abuse and neglect of the elderly and there is a lot more including punishments, blocking and censoring of her phone calls and harassment of visitors by the management.

on Christmas Day 2008 […] the management of this home called the cops when William responded to his mother’s pleas to be sat out in a chair. By all accounts Mrs Stenson was very relieved to have been taken out of bed by her son and was very happy about it.

The management of this home pretend that they accede to the wishes of residents, and that they will help the patient get out of bed if the patient requests it. But on this occasion as on so many others when Kathleen Stenson requested to get out of bed, the nursing staff just refused to help point blank.

As a result of all this the management have denied William any visitation rights to see his own mother!

This is the culture of death that various Christian leaders have spoken about, that is endemic in care and nursing homes

They seem to be following the advice of Dr David Cameron, senior doctor at the Caxton Surgery, Oswestry, Shropshire and her General Practitioner who told her son William that because somebody is elderly and frail, it’s not in their interests to have any stimulation either physical or mental and that they should be left in bed all day.

She has said she is there too long and wants to go home to Ireland and be with her son William and she should be let go home where she can get better care and better treatment.

They’re just saying she’s old and frail and to say that as a blanket thing for everyone that’s old and frail, that they’re better off just to lie in bed with no stimulation,

You’re just encouraging them to die quicker if you do that and this is slow euthanasia and this is exactly what they are doing with Kathleen Stenson.

The HSE [Ireland] has been involved in the psychiatric abuse of this lady in the past by forcing her to undergo the controversial and cruel torture of ECT (Electro Convulsive Shock Therapy) and by pushing psychiatric drugs on her for many years.

Kathleen Stenson is not happy at the Court Care Centre and wants to go home to Ireland and it’s time they let her go and cooperated with her son William so that he can bring her home.

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William Stenson’s other brother Brian, who is said to hold a grudge against his brother and mother, is blocking his mother’s attempts to go back to Ireland. Nursing homes can ignore the wish’s of the individual and choose which family member to agree with (the one that recommends keeping the patient in care and the continued payment for that “care”).

Here are two pages from a HSE CLARECARE social work report (cover page, details page). On the second page you can read evidence of a family grudge and the mindset of Brian Stenson along with his other brother Eamon. The page said, “Mrs Stenson had sustained two black eyes and a mark to her chin. Mr Eamon Stenson had admitted to slapping her on the face” for “not co-operating with him” when he had brought her to the toilet. The page also shows that Brian Stenson said his mother “was in receipt of quality care in the care arrangement with her son Mr Eamon Stenson.”


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