Daily Mail
By James Slack

Police ‘illegally’ stopping white people to racially balance stop-and-search figures, watchdog claims

Police are making unjustified and ‘almost certainly’ illegal searches of white people to provide ‘racial balance’ to Government figures.

Lord Carlile, the independent reviewer of terror laws, said he knew of cases where suspects were stopped by officers even though there was no evidence against them.

He warned that police were wasting time and money by carrying out these ‘self-evidently unmerited searches’ which were an invasion of civil liberties and ‘almost certainly unlawful’.

The searches of, for example, ‘blonde women’ who fit no terrorist profile come against a backdrop of complaints from rights groups that the number of black and Muslim people being stopped by police is disproportionate.

Last year, the number of whites searched under anti-terror laws rocketed by 185 per cent, from 25,962 to 73,967.

Whites made up around two-thirds of all those stopped

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Want to see a GP? Gipsies come first as NHS tells doctors that travellers must be seen at once

Daily Mail
By Emily Andrews

Gipsies and travellers should be given priority in NHS hospitals and GP surgeries, doctors have been told.

They will be fast-tracked for doctors, nurses and even some dentist appointments above all other patients.

GPs have also been told to see any travellers who simply walk in without an appointment, even if all consultation times for the day are full.

They will also be given longer consultations than other patients. Five or ten minutes is the average but travellers will be given 20 minutes and allowed to bring relatives into the consulting rooms.

Staff will be given ‘mandatory cultural awareness’ training so they can fully understand what it is like to be a traveller or gipsy.

The guidelines have been introduced because, under race laws, gipsies and travellers are defined as minority ethnic groups and the NHS is obliged to consider their special needs and circumstances.

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